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“Ignoring native cultures in pursuit of modernism is our challenge” : Dr. G B Harish

Alva’s Nudisiri 2017 is hosting numerous literary discourses that evoke thoughts and interactions with regard to literature and lifestyle. One amongst the series, delivered by Dr. G B Harish from Bangalore was titled “Problems and Challenges of Lifestyle.”

Delivering the discourse, Dr. G B Harish stated “Amongst the biggest challenges faced by humankind today, Rightism and Leftism seem to be the biggest but they aren’t. The biggest challenges are in fact a lack of rightful taste, lack of sympathy and the resultant ignorant words delivered by the youth of this generation.”

“The generation gap between the previous generation and this one is more evident than ever. Most of today’s generation has ignored the native cultures and practices in the pursuit of modernism; which reflects in their ways of speech, dressing, and conduct. Positive experiences develop and individual’s personality. However, the generation of today doesn’t show much interest in such experiences. We get ourselves educated and still stay dependant on others. The generation of today faces a challenge of unreliability wherever they do, and the reason for this is the diminishing quality of relationships,” he added.

Also addressing the problems caused by external factors, Dr. Harish stated “Mass media too, is playing a wrong role in appropriate depiction of reasonable lifestyles. It has held on to the idea that lifestyle is only that of today’s youth. Life was in fact so much better without mass media. Imagine an independence struggle with social media in existence – there might only have been freedom fighters who would ‘like’ or ‘share’ things and assume their duty was done.  Mass media, as well as today’s youth need to show some more responsibility.”

Speaking of challenges faced by literature, he said “There was once a time when literature, commercial sphere and personal lives were kept separate. However, that is not the case anymore. Individual differences have begun making impacts on literature. For a country that has seen incredible literature and the greatest of human relations, this is a dangerous trend.”

“Alva’s Nudisiri can be called the Koodalasangamadeva of Karnataka. Events such as these provide an answer to most problems we face today, in every dimension of life. Nudisiri isn’t just strengthening the literary and cultural treasury of Karnataka, but also the relationships of likeminded people,” he concluded.

The President of Alva’s Nudisiri 2017 Dr. Nagatihalli Chandrashekar and writer N Damodar Shetty were present during the discourse.