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Literary figures do not need to associate with political propaganda – Dr. Krishnamurthy Hanoor

“Poets from ancient times have discussed politics in their works. They have made consistent references to constituencies and administration policies. Writers and poets can only write and discuss politics, and stay away from associating with political propaganda. It is absolutely vital for literary figures to evaluate the impact of their words before they utter them,” said Dr. Krishnamurthy Hanoor.

He was speaking at the literary discussion titled ‘Literature and the Prospects of its Visions’ organized at Alva’s Nudisiri 2017. Discussing the whereabouts of ancient literature of Karnataka, he said “We have witnessed a lot of diversity in our literature. Comprehension of such varied and intense literature is a must, without which we can only deliver inconsiderate statements backed by half-baked knowledge. Writers from the past have advocated pluralism in different ways. When we make attempts to comprehend that, our narrow mindedness can diffuse into a pluralistic mindset and we could see things more clearly.”

Adding to his elaboration of ancient poetry, Krishnamurthy Hanoor said “Poetry from the 8th and 9th centuries depict the scenarios of war, alongside the agonies associated with it. These aspects can be found vastly in poetries of Pampa and Ranna. However, Vachana Sahitya took an entirely different route, where glorification of all sorts was rejected. Basavanna and other pioneers of Vachana Sahitya brought the literature of the intellectuals to the level of common people.”

“Other eminent poets such as Harihara, Raaghavanka and Kumaravyasa too have propogated pluralism in their works. It is indeed incredible to trace the way literature became accessible to the common people, from the level of intellectuals during their times. Kumaravyasa in particular claimed that his works can be accessed, and even developed by anyone, displaying a rare sense of pluralism,” he added.

The President of Alva’s Nudisiri Dr. Nagatihalli Chandrashekar was present at the occasion with writer Na.Da. Shetty. Kannada faculty of SDM College Ujire Dr. Sampath Kumar mastered the ceremony.