Alvas Nudisiri


Nudisiri inaguration 2017

Alva’s Nudisiri takes off to grand start – Inaugural ceremony witnessed by 10,000

Moodubidire: Alva’s Nudisiri was inaugurated at the Rathnakara Varni Vedike at Vidyagiri with grandeur that put the greatest of celebrations to shame. A procession consisting of more than 80 cultural aspects of India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan performed by more than 5000 artists marked the beginning of Alva’s Nudisiri. The procession was flagged open by the Priest of Catholic Church Mulki, Father F X Gomes at the entrance of Vidyagiri campus. After the flag hoisting, the procession accompanied the plethora of guests on to the dais. The exuberant procession consisted of elements from the performing arts of Karnataka like Dollu Kunitha, Veeragaase, Kamsale, Yakshagana, Tiger Dance, Poornakumbha and more. There were elements of representation of Indian culture such as the Manipuri Dhol Cholom, Lambani dance, folklore of Rajasthan, Kuchipudi from Kerala, etc. International teams from Bhutan and Sri Lanka also represented their culture through the course of the procession. Aesthetically appealing elements such as King Kong, a massive bull, roosters, procession dolls, scouts, bamboo dancers, representations of Indian Gods and more added glory to the procession. One of the special attractions was a mime of a blood donor who conveyed the message of importance of blood donation. As the grand display of arts entered the stage, inaugural of Alva’s Nudisiri 2017 under the theme Karnataka: Bahutwadha Nelegalu (Towards Pluralism) commenced with the state song of Karnataka.

Welcoming the gathering, the Chairman of Alva’s Education and Convener of Alva’s Nudisiri stated “The responses that Alva’s Nudisiri has received from people has been our greatest accomplishment so far. In times when we sometimes feel politics has no comprehension of native culture, and media plays a role in dividing the society, events like these are rays of hope. Neither administration, nor any progress can take place unless the essence of the land is given the respect it deserves.”

Alva’s Nudisiri was inaugurated by lighting the lamp, pouring milk over paddy yield, and acknowledging a book by the dignitaries present on the stage. Delivering his inauguration speech, the inaugurator of Alva’s Nudisiri 2017, popular literary expert Dr. C N Ramachandran stated “Co-existence of differences and extremities is what we understand as pluralism. However, the truth has been such that pluralism has always made way for segregation of society into fragments that consider oneself higher than another. Pluralism and equality have never gone hand in hand, and even ancient Indian society is example to that. People have always had to fear losing their identity if they chose pluralism and risked equality at the same time.”

“However, the Indian constitution has done an excellent job in getting hold of ‘hyphenated spaces’. Using these spaces, India has today been able to combine extremities without letting each one lose its essence. Indian Constitution, as well as Kannada literature have jointly inculcated the idea of pluralism without risking identity loss for anyone. It is hence a worthy virtue for us to pursue” he added.

Chief Guest of the occasion, President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Dr. Manu Baligar said “Events like Nudisiri are epitomes of Kannada culture and literature. Whatever our roots have withheld, Nudisiri has brought to the fore for the youth to comprehend and adhere by. Dr. Mohan Alva has elevated the standards of education in the state, as well as that of celebration.”

Delivering his Presidential remarks, the Overall President of Alva’s Nudisiri 2017, popular writer and film producer Nagatihalli Chandrashekar stated “The holistic mindset of Karnataka has propagated the idea of pluralism since its inception. Though there have been obstacles, the virtue of pluralism has lasted and had long-lasting impacts in Karnataka. For instance, the state song of Karnataka itself represents the multiple dimensions of the state’s heritage. The Vachana sahitya (literature of vachanas) is a mirror to the extent of diversity in Kannada literature. The curiosity and humanitarian ways of Kannadigas have facilitated them to lead harmonious lives, despite a grand set of diversities. While there might have been a handful of instances where individuals got more defensive than pluralistic, the instances can be ignored as opposed to the quantity of positive aspects. However, new media and social media are indeed posing a threat to pluralism in India. We best transform social media into cultural media if we aim to sustain any further.”

The inaugurator of the event Dr. C N Ramachandran and the President of Alva’s Nudisiri Dr. Nagatihalli Chandrashekar were felicitated by Dr. Mohan Alva at the occasion. The event was graced by occasional songs of Kannada patriotism sung by the music team, such as ‘Hacchevu Kannadada Deepa’ and ‘Deepa Hacchona’. Numerous publications including the memo of previous year’s Nudisiri, Abdul Hameed’s story collection “Vonti Teppa”, Ravishankar’s “Yettikonda Koosu”, Ganesh Bharti’s “Nagu” were released at the inaugural. A publication sponsored by Alva’s Nudisiri, a book named “Hamsayaana” written by a physically challenged author Tejaswini Hegde was also released by the President.

MP of Mangalore constituency Nalin Kumar Kateel, EX-Minister Abhaychandra Jain, MLC Captain Ganesh Karnik, Ex-Minister Amarnath Shetty, Lakshminarayan Alva were present at the occasion. Bureau Chief of Udayavani, Manohar Prasad mastered the ceremony while Venugopal Shetty rendered the vote of thanks. More than 10000 people witnessed the inaugural. Literary and cultural conferences follow the inuagural for three days.